Thursday, 6 January 2011

One week into the new year...

New years are funny things - Over the past few years I have actually started taking them seriously.
Two years ago I gave up MacDonalds + KFC for a year. Proper like.
This was one of those very "Adrian" obsessions that came over me, after watching super size me and discovering that I was in fact a super user of MacDonalds.

I only went 3-4 times per week. I blame the fact that I drove a lot and had very small noisy twins.
So I gave up, successfully for a year. All good.

This year I've given them up again :)
Creature of habit I am.

I've also given up Eastenders. This current storyline pushed me off the edge of a cliff that I really didn't want to be standing on. I have never liked soaps.
If you like them, Splendid.... Good luck to you.
Now, this year I'm not watching them.
Instead, I'm reading again.

Books I've read so far this year - American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

I've been following Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) on Twitter ever since I signed up to the service. I followed him because I like writing, I am also, just like Neil a "published" author*, I loved Good Omens which he wrote with Terry Pratchett, and heck you have to choose people somehow.
So I bought American Gods - A good thick modern novel that explores the concepts of Old Gods in a new world and belief,as well as being a who dunnit road trip through the back streets of America.
I fully OCD'd on this book, couldn't put it down, stayed up till 2 in the morning reading it, and devoured all 600+ pages in less than 24 hours. Great book. Worth a read, although I would say not for the faint hearted. Matt, if you haven't read it. Get a copy... or you can borrow mine.

Also this year - Towers of Midnight, part 13 of the wheel of time series.

I haven't finished this yet - Currently on page 586 with another 260 to go.
I started reading the Wheel of time books in my early 20's back when there where just 3 books. I picked them up from the library, and fell in love with the stories. It classic Fantasy fair, and ties in nicely with American Gods - sharing similar mythologies. If you know the books - the Matt and Wednesday cross over does mess with your head quite a lot.
Love the book, its like an old friend. If you don't know the series go and find the first story.
You will not be disappointed. I can see a full reread of the series is due before book 14 comes out, probably the end of 2012.

So the new year brings more books, better eating, a new blog, will kill the old ones out there, and probably republish my various pomes and odes on here. I'll also look at posting all my Church sketches on-line. Heck... maybe there is someone out there who would like to perform Creation again.

But that is a post in itself. Will probably put something on here weekly, and update via Facebook and Twitter. But heck stay tuned... could be a busy year...

*Self published Author, just broken even on first book. Not like Award winning Neil Gaiman at all really. Although he has done an award winning Childrens book like me.
Although I haven't won any awards yet
I blame that on the poor grammar and punctuation myself..

Monday, 3 January 2011

So it begins


This is now my third blog. I wonder if this one will continue longer than 18 months...

I'll post links to the other various other blogs on the off chance that any of you happen to care more than a tiny bit.

Now this is kicked off..... Teeth cleaned and then bed. Real work on this begins tomorrow..

Happy New year