Monday, 3 January 2011

So it begins


This is now my third blog. I wonder if this one will continue longer than 18 months...

I'll post links to the other various other blogs on the off chance that any of you happen to care more than a tiny bit.

Now this is kicked off..... Teeth cleaned and then bed. Real work on this begins tomorrow..

Happy New year


  1. So are there going to be any more entries in this blog or is it doomed to a slow lingering death like your other ones?
    Also - did you ever read DM, and if so any chance of a review sometime?
    Let's catch up over a movie soon!

  2. I think I could manage both a movie and a review! And possibly a beer too....

  3. Excellent!
    Been meaning to read American Gods too so your rec has pushed it up my massive pile of reading and will hit it after Surface Detail (am loving Pandaemonium and reading The Walking Dead graphic novels, just finished Storage Stories by Jim Bob of Carter USM fame - worth a look as he got published on a small indie publisher).
    Finally - don't suppose you're a My Chemical Romance fan? None of my 'normal' m8s are and I really wanna go see them this year??

  4. My Chemical Romance..
    I am indeed a fan of their work... or at least their popular work..

    I could be interested in attending a gig..
    Have you got Tickets?