Monday, 21 March 2011

And two more

I always find that a little light travelling tends to speed up my reading, and consequentially a trip over to Belfast last week helped me consume at least one extra book!

Incidentally, I have also managed to tick off one of those life events that everyone should try and do.
1) Drink Guinness in Ireland
2) Go to Ireland for St Patricks day
3) Drink Guinnessin Ireland on St Patricks day.

I can now tick this off my life list, and if I die tomorrow, Je ne rien pas.
As I think they say.

So onto Books

The Woods. Harlen Coben

This is now the third Harlen Coben book that I have reviewed, and as a consequence, I now realise his motif.

OMG! Someone in the past is dead! I used to be a suspect!
A series of unexplained events mean that we dig up the past ( In this case literally)
Nothing, and no one are quite what they seem!
Even when you think they are!
One more twist and everything is solved... or is it....

Classic, and somewhat entertaining detective fiction. On reflection, you could easily see this spun into a 90 minute TV movie.... although judging by Tell No One... ( see the plot synopsis above) it could be the next big thing to go and watch at the cinema!
Worth a read, if you're not looking to be stretched too far..

One Shot. Lee Childs

Firstly, i want to blame my Mum for my recent bout of detective crime reading. Last Christmas she bought me 61 hours, at the time the latest of the Jack Reacher novels.
Now in fairness, I wouldn't put me down as enjoying a book about an ex military policeman, now living on the road. he doesn't really solve crimes, rather he stumbles into crimes and eventually kills everyone involved.
It explains why he is on the road.

One shot must be the 8th ish book in the series, and I'm nearly up to date. As much as I hate to admit it, I really enjoy this series. I read them on planes, for some reason, and i can finish a book in a 3-4 hr return flight.
They are great! Just a bit rougher, more action packed than Harlen Coben's and the crimes are just a bit less formulaic. Sure every book pretty much ends up in a Mexican stand off, but so do most of my days..

Well recommended. Again, don't expect to be challenged too much, however, good to read.
Go find a copy.

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  1. Je ne rien pas = 'I do not anything' which is a good slacker motto!?
    Keep the book reviews coming though and what's cooking on the new book from you front??