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Rebus and More

This year I continue on my quest to review - in my own particular style, all the books I read this year.

Two more to add to the list this time.... Firstly:

Knots and Crosses Ian Rankin

This is the first in the Inspector Rebus series, the best selling, world acclaimed Scottish detective series. Personally, I've never read any of them - actually - thats not strictly true, I found one in a charity shop on holiday some years ago. I don't even remember what it was called. It was alright!

Ok - not a glowing, or detailed review. This however prompted my quest to read all of the books in chronological order. I'm doing the same with the Lee Childs books as well - although they have taken a bit of a back burner so far this year. probably after over dosing on them in the latter half of 2010.

Anyway - I'm sure I'll write about those as the year continues. Back to the point.

Knots and Crosses, Ian Rankin.

This is a book to give heart and hope to all would be writers. Anyone who has ever dreamt that one day they would see their book critically acclaimed, and sitting in the top ten list in Waterstones should read this book.

Knots and crosses is a very average, and uninspiring Scottish detective thriller. Its quite a slow read,it doesn't really engage you as the reader, and ultimately is pretty disappointing. It soo very 1980's content. Which is fine, since it was 1987.

So take heart budding authors.... from such humble beginnings came the legend that is Rebus. Read it and take heart.

The Final Empire. Brandon Sanderson

I suppose, for me, reading and reviewing crime fiction is slightly unfair, since my first love will always be epic fantasy. Give me a book with a hero and a magic sword, and I'm happy. The longer the better.

Earlier in the year, I read the Towers of Midnight,the latest in the Robert Jordan series. As you may know, Robert Jordan tragically died a few years back, and Brandon Sanderson took the series over using Robert Jordan's extensive notes. I'd been a massive Fan of the series since I was 15, and was very impressed by Sanderson's handling of the series. This Journey led me to The Final Empire.

This is the first book in the Mistborn trilogy

The Final Empire is a very interesting book - it has a wealth of elements which are embedded in traditional fantasy law - the Heroine, raised by strangers, who discovers that she has immense magical powers. The all powerful dark lord who is general evil, omnipotent and a bit unpleasant. The quirky crew of misfits bought together to save the day.

Yet, Brandon employs some nice, refreshing devices. The Allomancy - a magic system that attributes magical powers with the ingestion and "burning" of metal Alloys to create powers is really interesting.
He is also not afraid to be bold, and there are some strong idea twists - some which are bold, all of which are clearly signposted.

Well worth a read. Going off to find the next book now...

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